“My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for over four years. We had been seeing an infertility specialist for the last 3 years, but didn’t have any luck. All of our tests pointed to endometriosis. We had done several IUIs and were about to start IVF when I did some research

“As a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner myself, I am very picky about the therapy that I receive. It’s easy for a massage to be too light or too heavy. And, of course, you want your acupuncturist to be both knowledgeable and skilled. Nicolle is one of the few people that I trust to give great

“I have been a client for a year and a half and love the treatments and experience at Spirit Walk. Nicolle Zultowski is very knowledgable, professional and inspiring. I have achieved positive results from the inferility treatments and herbal therapy.” ~Jennifer Kastner

“It is truly a great experience to know more about acupuncture through Nicole, she’s an inspiration. Being new to the treatment made me nervous and uncertain, but after talking to Nicole it became so easy to understand. Looking forward to learn more. “ ~M.N.

“Nicolle has so much knowledge and experience in many healing and energy therapies. I have many issues to address and I knew I wanted several healing methods, but her innate feel in our discussion directed me towards the one that I should start with.” ~J.B.  

“Due to some sort of virus/flu when I got over the worse of it I ended up with aching thighs & knees. I could barely move. After 3 wkly sessions with Nicolle my pain was illevated and my movement was back to normal. I am so thankful for Nicolle’s expertise and thankful I am not

“This was a great eye opening experience that showed me that there are other ways of healing the body, mind and spirit.” ~ Sabina

” Nicolle is fantastic! She tailors sessions to not only my overall needs, but to daily issues as they flare up.  She is understanding, thorough and shares educational details that I can take with me in the real world.  Very great programs!” ~ Christian

” I have been amazed by the benefits I have felt from Nicolle’s treatments.  I initially came for relief from muscle tension but have discovered the incredible stress benefits of acupuncture.  Nicolle gives an incredible massage and has given me so much relief and general well-being.” ~ J.S.

” My quality of life has definitely improved since I started services with Nicolle.  I highly recommend this facility to anyone who is seeking direction, distressing and relaxation.” ~ D.W.

” Nicolle is very attentive and a good listener as well.  She knows how to make you feel better and good about yourself.  May she continue to inspire more people.  God bless her family. ” ~ M.K.

” Nicolle has done wonders for the pain in my body.  I have been to many doctors and procedures and I am thankful there is a treatment that is a natural healing.” ~ S.W.  

” I am now a believer in acupuncture.  I tried many other ‘western’ treatments, but this was most effective form my pain.  Nicolle is fantastic.  I felt so much better after each session.” ~ K.C.

” I enjoy coming to Nicolle, she makes it fun & her knowledge & explanations make me feel comfortable” ~ Glenna

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