kidz-tcm-tincturesDraw out Your Child’s innate talents while providing therapeutic stimulus to balance his/her mood, learning abilities, social interactions and more. Precious Kidz offers warmhearted support, education & ingeniously simple therapeutic treatments to encourage, refine, and support your child’s authentic self. We choose to specialize in children with special challenges, uniting families and encouraging healing.

  • Family oriented programs adapted to each individual child’s needs.
    – Special Needs, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Mood Challenged, Learning Challenges and more.
  • Is your child a Right Brain learner?
  • Is your child hyper or hypo-sensitive?
  • Gain a new, and potentially more healthy, perspective.
  • Improve dyslexia, dysphasia (speech) and dysgraphia (writting).
  • Help heal ADD, ADHD and mood challenges.
  • Receive support and parent treatments.
  • Treatments through Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrative Brain Functioning exercises and observation, Yoga as Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation, Nutritional Recommendations, Multi-nutrient Labwork and more.