”You must Choose, in Your Conscious Awareness, to compassionately care for and maintain your Body, playfully challenge your Mind, learn to Love yourself and Feed your Spirit if you desire to maintain your youthfulness and age gracefully” ~ NP

About Nicolle

  • NicolleNicolle is a single mother, home school parent, Friend, Intuitive Guide, Practitioner of Wellness on multiple levels, Life long learner, and Entrepreneur. She also loves the outdoors hiking, biking and kayaking and has been in athletics most of her life; playing soccer, softball, completing half marathons and sprint triathlons as well as scuba diving, splunking and dabbling in climbing.
  • She has been practicing alternative healing arts for over 15 years, prior to that and to this day Nicolle continues studying and experiencing.
  • Nicolle Perrotto created Spirit Walk LLC about 9 years ago while envisioning her dreams many years prior to that.
  • Nicolle has a ‘practice what you preach’ and a ‘treat others as you’d have them treat you’ approach to healing, re empowering and guiding others. When you are with her it is as if she really ‘sees’ you and allows you to be the perfectly imperfect being you are in the moment; while gently, persuasively supporting your authentic transformation.
  • In searching for her own healing, Nicolle has used Yoga therapy to walk and balance again after a head surgery; she also uses these techniques to help with her aphasia d/t a head tumor; she used chinese medicine to help her become pregnant; she’s used essential oils and diet to relieve her of chronic allergies and sinus infections; she’s used massage for relaxation, sports injury and combinations of therapy to relieve chronic pain she’d had since a teenager; she uses meditation, breathing, and affirmations to help her with anxiety, depression and PTSD… everyone has a story, Nicolle decided to take responsibility for her own life journey
  • me-grad-acaomMany of the techniques Nicolle practices and combines to serve you are ancient methods of health and healing; she has utilized them on herself and her family with amazing results and now she shares with you.
  • Nicolle holds a Masters Degree and TX state Medical Board license in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine AC00952. She had the opportunity to study abroad in two different teaching hospitals in China in Zhejiang
  • Provincial Hospital of TCM in Hangzhou and the First Teaching Hospital, Tianjin University of TCM in Tianjin China.
  • She graduated with a BA from Penn State University, PA; during this time she seized the opportunity to study in Rome Italy. Her minor focus was in science. Originally Nicolle had dreams of becoming a biomedical illustrator in multi-mediums with intentions of creating the imagery and animation to assist Scientists, Doctors and Alternative Medicine Practitioners in their studies.
  • Nicolle Perrotto Zultowski holds licenses in TX in Massage Therapy MT028251, Massage CEU CExxxx provider and instructor MI2255 as well as being a Reiki Master of the Dr. Usui lineage.
  • Nicolle Perrotto Zultowski is a registered member of Yoga Alliance E-RYT59764, TAAOM, ABMP, and has studied with BBU and Pilates Method in mat and reformer training. Her list of Continued Education in multiple fields of study is substantial.
  • Besides networking and referring out when needed to colleagues that which may be beneficial to her clients, Nicolle Perrotto’s has a dream to get her PhD. as a specialized dietary nutritionist focused in world food therapy.
  • As a child, Nicolle dreamt of becoming an intern photographer and writer for national geographic; traveling the world, meeting new people, and creatively engaging nature. She has always had a fascination with art, science and compassionate living.