20151001_me-meditating-offiThere are many styles of meditation including focused thought, focused breathing, movement meditation and meditation where you try to, in a way, keep your mind ‘blank’.  At Spirit Walk we focus on what works for you; mainly we use breathing and movement meditation, guided meditation and awareness as a significant adjunct to your healing therapies.  All of the guidance, healthcare and education we provide you is with your participation and with your permission; in turn we are a team.  Please take note below of the numerous benefits that come naturally with breathing awareness, meditation, and EFT your health and happiness depend on it!

Due to its invaluable nature, we focus on the precious value of your breathing.  Our intention is to teach you how to breathe to change your brain, heal your body and alter your ‘good feeling healing’ body chemistry.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique goes by the nickname tapping due to the nature of its application.  Tapping is a therapeutic psychological tool that  assists your body altering your current response to stress, fear and habitual negative thinking.  How you think is directly transmitted to your brain and acted upon in your physical body.  Even more powerful is your physiological response to your emotions and EFT sessions optimize your emotional health.


  • You must consciously and intentionally make choices otherwise you will ‘fly on autopilot’
  • Meditation is a practice where you consciously and intentionally choose to slow down, go with the flow in the present moment, and become more intimate with your authentic you.
  • When you slow down this positively affects your brain and allows you to access beyond the flight, fight or freeze that stress puts us in daily.
  • When you quietly focus it is that much easier to know the answers to your questions; the beauty about conscious meditation and intentional breathing is it literally reduces the inflammation caused in your gut and brain via stress, releases ‘good feeling’ hormones, and accesses areas of your brain that makes it easier to not just react to your emotional stimulus and instead become smarter.


  • Typically you choose a subject, issue, dis-ease you wish to work on or maintain
  • While speaking allowed you tap on specific acupressure points to stimulate a physical, psychological and emotional response.
  • A session may be general or very specific; you ‘copy cat’ your practitioner during the session
  • Practice makes near perfect; just like learning to write ride a bike or get physically fit you must maintain a healthy habit.
  • At Spirit Walk, outside of our amazing mindfulness acu yoga class, our private sessions provide essential levels and with our knowledge of acupuncture and TCM we may change up the general acu-points based on your needs.

Therapeutic Yoga Breathing:

  • Breath for calming and focus
  • Breath for detox
  • Breath for energizing
  • Breath for balancing the nervous system, for stress and recovery
  • Breathe for healing and for some spiritual self transcendence

Some of many benefits of Meditation, EFT & Breathwork:

  • Decreased chronic pain
  • Decrease Depression & Anxiety while promoting healing from the symptoms of such
  • Improved and Broadened Perspective
  • Deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself and thereby others
  • Better exchange of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen for improved cellular function
  • Especially with yoga or midline crossed intentional exercise, improve the connections between the right and left brain to heighten overall function
  • Gentle internal massage for the abdominal and chest cavity where all of the major organs reside; this massage allows increased blood flow bringing nutrition to the cells and ease of taking waste out.
  • Change of habitual thoughts, reduction in racing mind, improved self confidence, life transformations