The Grand Dream of Spirit Walk is to be a campus retreat center hosting Complimentary, Integrative, Alternative and Traditional Healing Techniques, Education and Community Support. The intention is to expose each person & family to the awesome possibilities that empowering healthcare has to offer. It is a safe haven to heal, transform, guide and be guided through self counterpoise and awareness; with a united focus on mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual well-being and empowerment.

There will be experienced clinical and instructional staff collaborating together with you to achieve your greatest health and happiness. We would be open to supporting you through grieving, transformations, and joyous triumphs. At the retreat will be classes & workshops, practitioner & client supplies, treatment areas, community healing gardens, education materials, and so much more.

Spirit Walk is meant to be about drawing ‘like minds’ together and reminding each other who we are meant to be while simultaneously providing a myriad of integrative healing therapies that flow with your counterpoise to support your journey to the next level; with creative intention.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your healing journey.